For you, pet lover, we offer a variety of services to ensure even the most finicky pets have a Special pet sitting experience tailored for them. Whether your pup would love some extra dog walking or your feisty cat would enjoy some extra love, while you're away, we are here as your professional dog walkers & pet sitters. Our services offer you, Pet Lover, opportunity your pets experience delight "Being Focus of Attention" while You experience the peace of mind knowing they being cared for by Local Pet Professionals.


In-Home Pet Sitting

1Pet 1/day visit STARTS $15.00 (Add Pets,visits, Out Warrensburg City Limit) Please Contact US

Vacations, day trips or being away on business are all things that make us unable to care for our pets. Our In-Home Pet Sitting services are a perfect way to provide the loving care for your pets that they need and crave, right in their own home while you are away. You will receive the peace of mind you desire, knowing that your furry loved ones are receiving tender loving care from our dedicated and knowledgeable professional pet sitters.

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Warrensburg cat care services and cat sitting

Cat Care Services

Daily visit 1 Cat STARTS- $16.00 (Add Cats, Visits, Outside Warrensburg City Limit Contact US) 

Whether you are a cat only home or your felines share their couches with the other pets in your home, we come in to offer lots of individual care filled with scratches, cuddles and love, complete with playtime, fresh food and water and scooping the litter pans.

Most cats, just like dogs and other animals, are happier, healthier and more at ease when able to stay in their own environment with the familiar sights, sounds and smells of home. They desire the same attention and love when you're away that dogs do! Our professional Warrensburg cat sitters provide the best care for your furry felines to ensure they have plenty of love and care in your absence!

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Dog Walking in Warrensburg Area

1 Dog 1 time day STARTS - $15.00 (ADD Dogs & Outside Warresburg City Limit Contact US)

Our lives are all busy and sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to fit in a walk for your pup. No worries! Pampered Pet Sitting is here to ensure your dog always gets his daily exercise to help them be healthier and happier.

Dogs require at least PLENTY of exercise per day to maintain a healthy weight, stay physically and mentally healthy and help to prevent destructive behaviors. Our Warrensburg dog walkers are available to provide your pup with plenty of exercise and provide you with the peace of mind knowing your dog is having a tail-wagging time while you're away!

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Pet Exercising

 1 Pet 1 visit/day,STARTS-$15.00(Add Pets or Visits, Outside Warrensburg City Limit Contact US)

Maybe your dog doesn't enjoy a stroll around the block? We know some dogs would rather spend some time throwing the ball in the yard, playing a good game of tug-of-war or spending some time with his favorite toy. And don't forget the cats! They need their exercise as well and are sure to love our fun, interactive toys to get even the most uninterested cat pouncing around!

All pets need their fun and Pampered Pet Sitting is ready to supply it for them! Whether it's a bored pup, a mischievous cat that needs some interaction during the day or a ferret that is looking for some extra time to run around, our pet sitters are ready with interactive, exciting toys for each and every one of them!

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Doberman loves Warrensburg dog walking!

Puppy Care & Potty Breaks

1 Dog 1/DAY STARTS $15.00 (Add Dogs, Add Visits, Out Warrensburg City Limit Contact US)

Having a new puppy is one of the most exciting times for your family. But work and other commitments can make house training nearly impossible. Having a reliable, responsible pet sitter to work with you, can make that process even easier and more effective with a mid-day potty break to keep his training on track!

Or maybe you work long hours and your pup needs some time to have a potty break? Your pet sitter is there to give him some time outside to relieve himself and get some love and interaction to break up the day until you arrive home!

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Exotic & Small Animal Care

1 visit /day1 Pet STARTS $15.00 (Multiple Pets, Add visits, Out Warrensburg City LimitContact US)

Whether it's birds, lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, or other companion animals, they all desire loving care and attention while you're away. Our pet sitters are trained to care for all types of animals to provide them with fresh food and water, bedding and all-around care that they need.

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