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Pampered Pet Sitting full time year round in-home pet sitting company. Your pets  have the luxury getting to stay in their home where they are the center of attention. 20 years experience providing professional  Cat Sitting, In Home Pet Sitting, Dog Walking services in the Warrensburg, Knob Noster, surrounding areas. Member of Cats at Home Cat Care Group 

Our variety of services allows your pets to stay in their familiar environment with all of the sights, sounds and comforts of home!



Pampered Pet Sitting offers:

In-home pet sitting is great for long day trips or vacations. We provide potty breaks, feeding, fresh water, and plenty of love and attention, no matter how long you are away.

Dog walking services are a great resource to have for when you are gone at work all day. Every dog loves to stroll around the neighborhood to sniff around and get exercise. Give your dog a treat and let him get out of the house throughout the day for a run around town!

Cats need attention too! Our cat care services we can offer specific loving attention to your cats and kittens while you are away giving you the peace of mind that your cat is happy and comfortable.

As animal lovers we don’t stop at cats and dogs. We are trained to and can provide affectionate care for your rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other small and exotic animals.

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Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and security knowing your pets are in loving, dependable hands while you are away and to spoil your pets with care, love and attention second only to you.