65% USA Homes Have Pets

Amazing it may sound almost 2 out of 3 American Households have at least one pet. The American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners 2015 survey indicates 65% U.S. Households have pets. Just 4 years ago in 2011 56% U.S. households had pets. Links below – Resources  US Population Survey Data

2015 APPA National US Pet Ownership Survey

Pets by the Numbers- Human Society of United States

U.S. Pet Population Estimates and Trends

Based on American Veterinary Medical Association US Pet Ownership & Demographics 2012 Source book, and APPS 2015 survey about 35% US households have a pet cat. While44% U.S. homes have pet dogs. One trend more USA homes going with single pet. In 201162% of U.S. households had multiple pets, while APPS Owners Survey indicates 2015 only 42% US homes have 2 or more pets. The last 4 years population of dogs & cats in USA increased 13.5%, from 144.1 million in 2011 to 2015 estimate of 163.6 million. Average number dogs in home decreased slightly from 1. 6 in 2011 to 1.43 estimate 2015. Average for number cats in home slight decrease from 2.1 in 2011 to estimate 2.0 in 2015. Overall US Pet Population 8 million more cats than dogs. In 2011 there were 70 million dogs and 74.1 million cats, 2015 survey estimate 77.8 Million dogs & 85.8 million cats. Biggest trend increased spending Veterinary Care. Average yearly spending per pet (cat/dog) in up incredible 800% from $158.50 2011 to 2015 estimate of $1288.50. Dogs 2011 average yearly Vet care spending $227.00 estimate 2015 survey $1436.00. Cats even more amazing,yearly average per cat Vet Care, 2011 $90.00 compared with survey estimate 2015 of $1141.00.

Where People Are Acquiring Pets

The positive trend bigger portion of dogs and cats are from shelters, rescues, and as strays.Only 3% cats from breeders, 46% shelters & rescues, another 27% strays, 28% from family & friends. For dogs 34% breeders, 37% shelters & rescues, 6% strays, 20% family and friends.  

Graph below: 2012 American Veterinary Medical Association Pet Population Source Book

US Pep Population Grapg 2012




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