Hide Litter Boxes In Home

Getting litter boxes out of  sight, out of the way.  Cat Sitters

Smelly messy litter boxes in a poor location can be quite a problem. Also there could be added stress of having cats track litter all over the home.

Just few ways hide your litter boxes. Cabinet Wheels hide litter boxbookshelf_bottom hide litter boxdiy-litter-box-furniture-cabinet-cat-food-700Put cat door into cabinets, furniture, shelves , or even indoor planter.


Dog Exercising Tips In Winter


Lady dog gym exerciseEven though it gets cold outside, your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and strong. Here are some great pet exercising tips for this winter season:

  1. dog on treadmillBelieve it or not, you can teach your dog to use your treadmill.  There are also doggie treadmills available. See Cesar’s link below for more details!
  2. Get outdoors! A 30 minute work-out in the snow will leave your dog exhausted.
  3. Have a play date. Set up a play date with a dog that your pup is friends with. Just make sure to hide the breakables!
  4. Being indoors gives you a great opportunity to practice targeting with your dog. Teach her to touch her nose to the back of your hand on command; this will make her focus on a target. It’s a great exercise because it gives you an activity you can do together. And once your pup has learned how to do this, you can use it whenever you want her to stop what she’s doing and focus. For example, if you’re out walking and she becomes excited when she sees another dog, you can use targeting to redirect her attention. Plus, your dog can’t bark when she’s touching her nose to your hand!
  5. Challenge your dog’s nose.Dogs have incredibly powerful scenting abilities, so exercises that require your pal to use her nose are especially stimulating. Make her work for her dinner by creating an obstacle course she has to get through to find her food. Hide her meal in a box, or, better yet, put it in a Kong Wobbler or a Buster Ball.For more information, visit the following links:

    Cesar’s Way: 6 Winter Exercise Tips for Your Dog

    Dogster: 10 Ways to Engage Your Dog Indoors

Playful Cats

Why We Play With Cats

Interactive playing (you playing with your cat) lets your cat hone his hunting skills: seeking the enemy target, making the stealthy approach, pouncing with conviction, relishing the victory.     Cat playing

Interactive playing with cats is not only fun, but it provides valuable exercise for cats of all ages; just as important, it strengthens the feline-human bond, which is all-important to genuine cat lovers.

See link below read Gary Loewenthal cat expert with About.com, “How Play With Your Cat”


Why Do Cats Purr?

Cats purr because happy? Not always the case.

 Franny Spiefy, Cat Expert,  About.com, answer these and other questions in her post “The Remarkable Purr of a Cat”

“Do cats purr when they are alone?” What a great question! Truthfully, I don’t know if cats purr when they are alone. It seems likely that they do, if one understands a little about why cats purr.    [Read more…]

65% USA Homes Have Pets

Amazing it may sound almost 2 out of 3 American Households have at least one pet. The American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners 2015 survey indicates 65% U.S. Households have pets. Just 4 years ago in 2011 56% U.S. households had pets. Links below – Resources  US Population Survey Data

2015 APPA National US Pet Ownership Survey

Pets by the Numbers- Human Society of United States

[Read more…]

Pet Sitter’s Conference Charity Auction Raised $30,500 for No Kill Animal Shelter

Jay & Jill Pattiz. Pampered Pet Sitting-Warrensburg, Missouri donated and purchased items during Charity Auction event at Pet Sitter World Educational Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, September 10-September 14, 2015.

This year’s Auction raised a Record $30,500 for Coastal Animal Rescue, No kill animal shelter in South Carolina. They plan to use proceeds build new building so they may foster and adopt more pets. This annual event hosted by Pet Sitters International, over years has raised combined $140,000 for pet related organizations across United States. #PSW2015 #petsitters #pets

Coastal Animal Rescue

New Pet Food Voluntary Recall

Stella & Chewy  have issued a voluntary recall of single lot of

Chicken Freeze-Dried Patties for dogs & cats.

Updated List Pet Food/Product Recalls by FDA

dog eating cake

Update: Trendy Dog Names for 2014 & 2015

Based on Vetstreet.com database of most popular names. Some of more trendy dog names are Cali, Marley, Gunner, Leo, Charlie, and Luna. Is you dog’s name a trendy one?

VCute dogs-trendy names.jpgresizedetstreet.com Top Trendy Names 2014&2015

Trendy Dog Names 2013 & 2014

Charlie, Scout, Maya, Milo, Callie, and Gunner.  These are a few of the most trendy names for dogs in 2013 and Dogs running through grass flowers 2014. Is your dog’s name on the list?

Vet’s Street Top Trendy Dog Names 2013

Cleaning Cat Ears


Cat in the sink.

Although cats can generally clean themselves up without help from us there are a few places that cats cannot clean. One of those places is in the ear canal. This is becoming even more important as the spring weather now here. With a change in climate it is common for cats to get ear mites.

In this article you can find other reasons to clean your cat’s ears regularly and several tips to improve the process.Click link below  see Pet Pav’s additional ear cleaning tips.

Details how to clean cat’s ears.