Pet Sitting Cats At Home Warrensburg Area

Pampered Pet Sitting, 21 st year offering In-Home Pet Sitting, teamed up with other established Professional Pet Sitters in the Kansas City area to form Cats at Home Cat Care Group. The group, a network of Professional Pet Sitters committed excellence in Pet Sitting and Cat Care. More information and contact Cats at Home Pet Sitting click website link Cats at Home Pet Sittingpp_banner1 (1)

Cats at Home Pet Sitting offers professional reliable care for your cat,  small pets in their own home when you’re away, whether it’s for a weekend break or two-week trip.  

Specializes In Cats

New Home You and Your Pet

Cats at Home Pet Sitting specializes in cats and we know that for cats there’s Cats meowsimply no place like home! They’re creatures of habit and simply adore their home comforts, so by staying at home it allows them to follow their usual diet and normal routines. Of course, they’ll miss you while you’re away, but being in a familiar, secure environment means that they will be as happy and content as possible.

We Love Cats They Are Our Passion

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Our Pet Sitting Service Includes Benefits For Your Fur Baby and YouCheck out website                                    

  • giving your cat lots of care and attention including playtime
  • ensuring that cat litter is clean and tidy providing a basic grooming service
  • administer any required meds, supplements, vitamins
  • looking for other small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, fish, birds, and reptiles.
  • tidying your mail/free papers and watering your indoor plants
  • doing a walk through home making sure that no maintenance issues
  • opening and closing your curtains for a ‘lived-in’ look
  • taking out the trash     CONTACT US TODAY

    Expanded Service Area  Cat inside suitcase

Years we’ve had to decline requests from Cat Lovers lived outside our service area. Now with Cats at Home Professional Cat Care Group, able to expand service area beyond Warrensburg and Knob Noster areas, for Cats and Small Animal Pet Sitting.  Contact us for availability.